Om Michael Beutler

Texten är skriven av konstnären själv och är därför på engelska

”Revisiting the site of ”Modellen”, the second manifestation of the legendary Moderna Museet exhibition and social experiment by Palle Nielsen, none of the game and wonder of the project seems to be present in this little swedish village.

The question that accured to me was, how to connect to a project like ”Modellen”, that was hosted inside of the balloon, in this suburban neighbourhood in these days? The streets, houses, shops, centers are there to be seen, but what is in the people? Could there be a mechanism to reach out and make visible, who these people are, what they can do and what they cannot do?

Could the ballonen be inverted, the game be turned to the outside into the streets and landscape of Råby and could a mysterious void be kept inside of a balloon big enough to pull attention from all sorts of people?

Could people be brought together through a game, that is simply just invented to do so?

Could a tradition be started with a story that took off fifty years ago but has never really been told to an end?

Could a game around a ridiciously big ball, be a reason for people to work together and pass on their skills?

Will the community agree to use a forest as a game field?

Would the community agree to build a shrine-like housing for a big empty ball next to the central playground?”

Konst händer

Råby är en del av regeringssatsningen Konst händer

Under tre år, 2016–2018, producerar Statens konstråd exempel på offentlig konst med fokus på miljonprogramsområden, inom ramen för regeringsuppdraget Äga rum.