Develop Public Art

There is a considerable interest in developing public art and there are many exciting urban development processes under way involving municipal, state and private actors that are renovating and constructing new areas. While this is going on, many artists are currently redefining the idea of public art.

As the Public Art Agency Sweden produces art in shared environments, we are continuously developing our methods of working with art and public art commissions. In our pilot projects we test new methods and different ways of working. The projects are usually situation-specific and involve everything from planned art projects to social relations or visual expressions. Continued development depends on the fact that different actors can inspire one another.

This is why we would like to share our experiences and knowledge in order to strengthen the role of art in the shaping of our shared environments.

Temporary Projects

Contemporary artists often address current issues relating to our public spaces and to that which we share. Temporary projects give us the opportunity to freely explore various working formats, while simultaneously reflecting on topical issues. Our point of departure is the dialogue between the artist and the curator, and the situation where the work will be realised. We aim to capture the evolvement in public art in Sweden and internationally.

Freer ways of working
Diamond People

Urban Development

What creates a city and its environments? We are developing methods for shaping our shared environments via collaborations between artists, architects, civil society, municipalities and residents. By harnessing different skills we can work towards achieving environments that meet needs, foster commitment and create emotions. When involving artists in urban development projects, we can include everything from processes of co-creation and access to public spaces, to infrastructure, urban planning and design of public spaces.

Art in lived environment
Resident involvement contributes to sustainable environments
Art Is Happening

Permanent Art

Sculpture, moving images, sound works and entire façades... We produce art for new and renovated government agency buildings and environments, with the objective that the art shall be permanent. Public art commissions always relate to a location’s specific situation or activities. We also work with pilot projects in which artists come on board early in the construction processes and are thus able to influence entire environments.

West Link: Chronotopia
Gravitational Ripples

Curating Shared Spaces

Producing innovative art in shared environments and places where people live and work makes specific demands on the work of the curators, including everything from being able to curate the entire context to interacting with residents, property owners and architects and taking on board experiences, methods and discussions from us and from others.

Curating Context