Samtal 27 april på Valand Academy: Cape Town – Any Given Sunday as part of Draft

Plats: Glashuset, Valand Academy (ingång via Chalmersgatan 4), Göteborg.
Språk: Engelska
Tid: 27 April, kl. 17.00

Deltagare: Sethembile Msezane (Cape Town), Riason Naidoo (Cape Town) och Richard Pithouse (Johannesburg)

Any Given Sunday was inspired by the 2015 student led university protests across South Africa and their sense of urgency of the now. The artists – via their socially engaged artistic practice – contributed to a dynamic and interactive communal undertaking, which constantly shifted and altered predetermined schemas of art, its institutions, and its expected publics.
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Public Talks is a series of seminars which will take place during 2017 and organized jointly by Valand Academy, Region Västra Götaland, Statens konstråd/Public Art Agency Sweden and a number of other art institutions in Sweden.

Toppbild: The Charter by Sethembile Msezane, performance during Any Given Sunday, Cape Town 2015. Courtesy of the artist.